About Us

We have been in the footwear industry for almost 2 decades and we have designed and supplied to renowned footwear chains both domestically and globally.

We believe that knowledge set us apart from most online shoe boutiques. Not only are we passionate about shoe making, we actually live and breath the product.

" Anjo ",  which means "Angel" in Portuguese, is our house brand. We wish all ladies to feel like angels when they put on our shoes! From our vast experience, we have came to understand what ladies really want and desire in a good pair of shoes. Every stitch, every line of the shoe, every feature, is carefully considered and executed. We design shoes that allow the feet to move naturally, thus serving its fundamental function but yet interpolates a sense of high street fashion in them. 


Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy embraces "FACE" values into each and every pair of Anjo shoes :

F - Fashionable

A - Appealing

C - Comfortable

E - Elegant


At Anjo, we are

always ready to make a statement.